If the Girl Scouts can raise $800 million a year selling cookies, we should be able to raise one billion dollars a year selling first-class Hemp Lotion globally for 75% less than others.

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Vets Home Hemp lotion is a first-class product, a formula with years of experience and many satisfied customers in Los Angeles County. We are proud to offer Vets Home Hemp lotion for about 75% less than competing products. Our profits are donated to fund permanent housing for the homeless citizens of Skid Row and Los Angeles County. Our goal is to donate one billion dollars every year.

Vets Home Hemp products sell for about 75% less than similar products.

Our lotion has been produced in California by a family-business for about five years. It has been sold online with a different brand name for more than twice the price. 

We use only certified industrial hemp extracts made from industrial hemp grown in the USA

A certificate of analysis is available for each batch used to make our products listing the concentration of cannabinoids and certifying that it does not contain harmful microbiological contaminants, pesticide residues, or heavy metals. Our products are made from hemp that is grown in the USA without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They contain certified hemp extracts, rich in active naturally occurring cannabinoids and essential oils which, when used regularly, promote a healthy inflammatory response while supporting the central nervous system and cell vitality. Cannabinoid-rich hemp products are being used effectively by people suffering from chronic pain or inflammatory conditions, as well as immune system and movement disorders including Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and epilepsy, to help manage their conditions. Tested for safety and potency, our products are effective at reducing stress, improving anxiety and promoting good health, overall well-being, and vitality.


Developed with a leading research organization to be optimized for delivery to the skin and body. This enhanced formulation has improved penetration and absorption delivering more active cannabinoids to the cells that need them. These cream lotions can be applied to affected areas for immediate relief of pain and discomfort caused by inflammation and neurodegeneration. 

 ● Tested and certified by licensed laboratories
 ● 100% traceable supply chain 
 ● Made from hemp grown to organic and regenerative standards
 ● Cryogenic ethanol extracted 
 ● Third-party certified for purity and potency
 ● Scientifically formulated by a leading research organization exclusively for The Strause Group


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