What is Rodger's military experience?

My job in the USAF was Air Crew Life Support in an A-10 Tactical Fighter Squadron at Myrtle Beach AFB. My responsibilities were to maintain all safety equipment used by the pilots including egress systems and survival kits.

When and how did Rodger become homeless?

I was paying for medical insurance with Anthem Blue Cross. When I went through Chemo Therapy for my Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer, I had a heart attack. My insurance and copay were extremely expensive and kept rising. Any money I had saved or acquired soon was depleted. I was unable to work. Without support I became homeless. I lived in my vehicle and flopped on friends’ couches for several years. 

Where does Rodger live now?

For the last year or so I have been living in the basement of a close friend. He has been kind enough to let me flop there and occasionally help me with food. Now that I am working for Vets Home, my situation is more stable. Soon I hope to be able to support myself and pay him back some money.

How did Rodger get involved with Vets Home Hemp?

My friend had a friend in the CBD business who had an idea to help homeless veterans. He was able to give me a part time job and offered me a chance to become involved with Vets Home.org. I was very excited to be working to benefit the 37,000 + US homeless vets.

What are Rodger's plans for the future?

Besides keeping my job with Vets Home, I have been asked to be a spokesperson for the organization I will be happy to help any way I can. Eventually I hope to be able to regain my independence and help other homeless vets.