Welcome to the Vets Home Job Portal

This is a free service from Vets Home allowing homeless and unemployed veterans to find jobs.
Employers are also encouraged to post job here. This is and always will be a free service for both job seekers and employers.

Search below to find jobs in your area. Instructions on how to use the Job Portal are below.

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How to post a job for veterans.

The JOBS menu item has a drop down menu where you can view jobs, post a job, or manage your job listings. Select POST A JOB from the drop down menu and you will be taken to the following form. We'll go ahead and break down each of the form fields below the image.

  • Account - Check this box to create an account that you can log into later to manage one or more of your listings. This makes managing your listings easy as they will all be accessible and editable from one user portal.
  • Contact Person - This is where you put the contact name of the person in charge of hiring.
  • Email - Put your contact email here.
  • Phone Number - Enter the phone number you wish to use for job seekers to call you.
  • Title - This is where you enter the job title/position you are hiring for.
  • Category - Choose Jobs for Unemployed and Homeless Veterans
  • Gallery - This is where you add any images you want to add to your listing. This may be a company logo for an available job, or any other relevant image.  You can drag and drop image files or browse files and select them.
  • Description - Put the job description here.
  • Price - You can list salary, hourly wage, or leave it blank
  • Location - This is where you or your job are. It is important to list a complete address here as listings are searchable by many search criteria. Some people might search by a zip code and others may search by state or city. The more information you put here, the more visibility your listing will get.
  • Preview - Once your form is filled out, hit the preview button. If you are missing any information it will let you know and you will also get to see what your listing will look like. If you are satisfied, publish the result.

How to find local jobs in your area.

The VIEW JOBS menu item in the JOBS drop down menu is where veterans can look for jobs. Job seekers may search by keywords to find the type of job they are looking for by using the search box on the left, or they may search by location using the search box on the right to find jobs near them. You may enter a City, State, or Zip Code here.

How to manage your active listings.

The MANAGE JOB LISTINGS menu item in the JOBS drop down menu is where you log in to manage your listings. Once logged in, any listings you have created will be shown and you may edit or remove them.