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My name is Danielle Heidemann, and like millions of others, I was just laid off from my job due to the Coronavirus. We created this opportunity for laid-off workers to help homeless veterans, help their friends and earn needed cash now. We hope this helps.

We are hiring thousands of laid off workers who need extra cash now. There is no cost to sign up and you can work from home. Your job will be to help the 37,000+ homeless veterans by selling our Vets Home products. All of the profits from Vets Home sales are donated to organizations providing food, shelter, and services to homeless veterans.

We sell Vets Home Hemp (also known as CBD) at for about 50% less than average prices found in stores or online. Our Hemp-CBD has been produced and loved in California for about 5 years and sold online for three times the amount our products sell for.

Vets Home will pay you $10.00 per sale made using your unique coupon code which will also give the purchaser $5.00 off.

All you need to do is apply to join our sales team below. There is no cost to sign up. We will create a coupon code just for you, which you can give to your friends or post online. We would like to stress that this is not a Multi-Level Marketing or Get Rich Quick scheme. You will have joined our sales and marketing team to sell our Vets Home products on a commission basis. The coupon code you receive allows us to track the sales you produce online and therefore, get paid commission for those sales.

You can send an invitation to visit our Vets Home website to your friends. When your friends make a purchase at our website using your coupon code, you are paid $10.00 in commission per sale and they will receive $5 off of every item they purchase. Every two weeks Vets Home, Inc. will send you a check for $10 on each sale made using your coupon code. This is a great way to start earning a passive income working from home. 

Millions of Americans buy CBD every month. We believe they deserve to pay 50% less. We believe our 37,000+ homeless veterans deserve our assistance today. You earn cash today by inviting your friends to visit our website. We all know how difficult these times are. I hope our program helps. Please write to with questions.


Danielle Heidemann

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