Thank you for taking the time to review the details of this program.

1. Vets Home Hemp Lotion has been a “Best-Seller” in a few retail stores in Los Angeles County and is now available online for $12.00 each, including free delivery, in a two-pack for $24.00.

2. Our Hemp Lotion is sold by Vets Home, Inc, a Michigan nonprofit corporation. Vets Home was created with the goal of helping homeless veterans. There are approximately 4,000 homeless veterans in Los Angeles. Today, our goal is to help these and many other homeless men, women, and children with permanent housing in Los Angeles County.

3. Although there are many services provided to the homeless population in Los Angeles, our mission is limited to funding permanent housing. We have an advisor from the Skid Row community to assist us.

4. Vets Home Hemp Lotion is produced by a California family we’ve known for several years. The formula was created to maximize transdermal penetration, which allows more of the hemp lotion to be absorbed by the skin.

5. By selling Vets Home Hemp Lotion for about 75% less than competing products, we expect sales to justify commercial-scale production, which is necessary for our $5.00 donation from each $24.00 sale. Today, the lotion costs twice as much to produce on a small-scale, which barely pays the bills.

6. Please come back to our website periodically for updates. We will report all sales and donations every week.