How can we donate several billion dollars every year to pay for permanent housing for homeless citizens in Skid Row and Los Angeles County, from the sale of Vets Home Hemp Lotion?

Hemp Lotion is gaining popularity as an anti-inflammatory treatment. The global market for these products is projected to reach $22 billion annually within two years. Even during the COVID pandemic, it appears that sales of hemp lotions are still increasing.

We Googled CBD Lotion, 2-ounce, 300 mg, and found the first four results to cost $45.00 each plus shipping. Vets Home Hemp Lotion, with 2-ounces and 300 mg, sells for $12.00 each, including shipping in a two-pack for $24.00. Our product is a best-seller in retailers in LA County, appreciated for the quality, price, and our nonprofit dedication.

Who in their right mind will pay three times the price for similar products, when our product is available online, when our profits are donated to pay for permanent housing for the homeless citizens of Skid Row and LA County?

We believe our product will be purchased by intelligent Americans who care about quality, care about price, and care about permanent housing for homeless citizens.

Globally, consumers spend more than $100 billion a year for anti-inflammatory remedies for ailments such as arthritis. Vets Home plans on conducting FDA-approved clinical trials to verify the efficacy of our lotion to treat ailments that require anti-inflammatory remedies. Our goal is to deliver a better product at a better price and to donate our profits to build permanent housing for homeless citizens in Skid Row and LA County.