An Open Letter to the Citizens of Los Angeles

Vets Home has a Retail Philanthropy plan to donate $1 billion every year to support permanent housing solutions in Skid Row. Thank you for reviewing this introduction.

Martha Stewart. Whoopi Goldberg. Gwyneth Paltrow. John Legend. Megan Rapinoe. Morgan Freeman. These and so many more celebrities either have their own brand of CBD or endorse others today. Why not? This growing market is expected to sell more than $22 billion annually in a few years.

Is there room for the nonprofit Vets Home Hemp lotion, a best-seller in a few retail stores in LA County, to sell online for 75% less than competing products? Vets Home has a mission: to donate $1 billion every year to build permanent housing in Skid Row.

All they need are a few celebrities to tell the story. Who in their right mind would pay three times more for a similar product, when Vets Home Hemp Lotion is available, and when the profits are used for new housing in Skid Row?

If you Google 2-ounce, 300 mg CBD lotion, the first four results should show you products selling for an average of $45.00 plus shipping. If you go to, you’ll find a best-seller CBD lotion for $12.00 each including shipping in a two-pack for $24.00. Vets Home, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that donates its profits to build permanent housing in Skid Row.

Vets Home Hemp Lotion has been produced in California by a family-owned business for five years, selling online with a different brand name for about $40.00 plus shipping. They produce the same product and place the Vets Home Hemp label on it, which is sold for $12.00 each including shipping in a two-pack.

Vets Home needs about 20 million monthly customers globally to donate $1 billion a year for housing in Skid Row. This can be accomplished. No one wants to pay three times the price for a product. The donation from each sale is projected to be $5.00.

For more information, visit and contact Marc Schechtman, 213 438 9884