Jackson, Michigan 
March 23, 2020 

Homeless veteran tries to panhandle from six feet. Offers plan to help 37,000+ like him.

Rodger Hayes served in the United States Air Force. He’s lived in his car; now he lives in a friend’s basement. He survived cancer and heart attacks. And now this. The Coronavirus. Social distancing. Rodger has a plan to help the 37,000 homeless veterans in the US, now.

Rodger is on the board of directors of Vets Home, Inc., a Michigan nonprofit corporation. They are selling Vets Home Hemp (aka CBD) online for 60% less than similar products sold online and in stores. One hundred percent of the profits from Vets Home Hemp sales are donated to organizations providing food, shelter, and services to homeless veterans today.

Vets Home Hemp products have been produced in California and sold online for five years with a different brand name for about three times the price. These products are sold in a few stores that order again and again. Customers love the quality and the low price. Competing products sell for about $40.00. Vets Home sells a three-pack for $50.00, including free delivery. Vets Home Hemp lotion and oral emulsion are available at www.vetshome.org. Rodger’s story is told at the website, along with a description of Vets Home Hemp products.

How much will be donated to help homeless veterans? Today, when online sales begin, $10.00 will be donated from each sale. With higher sales volume, the donation will increase to $15.00 per purchase or 30% of gross revenue. Vets Home Hemp products sell for 60% less than competing products and 30% of the total income will be donated.

Hemp (CBD) sales are continuing to grow, even in these uncertain times. How many Americans need to reduce their cost of CBD by 60%? How many Americans will help the 37,000+ homeless veterans? Rodger hopes many will accept his offer.

For more details, send an email to Rodger at rodger@vetshome.org. Please visit www.vetshome.org. You can contact our business manager, Marc Schechtman, at (858) 866-4958, or marc@vetshome.org

It's hard to panhandle from 6 feet away.

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